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Agency Scoping

Project Background

The City of Nenana is soliciting agency comments and information on the rehabilitation of 9th Street in Nenana, Alaska (Sections 23 and 24 of T4S, R8W of the Fairbanks meridian, U.S. Geological Survey {USGS} Quadrangle Fairbanks C-5) (Figure 1).  The project is being developed through the Denali Commission’s Transportation Program with Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) funds.  Environmental documentation and review procedures for this project follow FHWA regulations (23 CFR 771), which indicates that the modernization of a highway by resurfacing, restoration rehabilitation, reconstruction, adding shoulders, or adding auxiliary lanes may be conducted under the Categorical Exclusion (CE) process. A CE checklist is being prepared to analyze any potential impacts, and your agency's comments are requested to aid in that analysis.

Existing Conditions

The project area consists of approximately 0.88 miles of a 12-foot-wide gravel road with little improvement. This project is building on a 30% design developed by Western Federal Lands and a 90% design sponsored by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). A Finding of No Significant Impact on the BIA Environmental Assessment (EA) for the "Proposed Improvements of Local Streets in Nenana, Alaska" was issued on September 5, 2005. A portion of the project (K Street) identified in this EA was constructed in 2006.


For a number of years, the City of Nenana has been working with the BIA, WFL, and the Denali Commission to establish an alternative route to the clinic from the Parks Highway via 9th Street and K Street.  A project funded by BIA constructed an upgrade of K Street from the clinic south to the intersection with 9th Street.  To complete the route, 4,650 feet of 9th Street from the Parks Highway to the intersection of 9th Street and K Street requires improvements. 

Project Need

The Nenana 9th Street Rehabilitation project will provide an alternative route to the Mary C. Demientieff Health Clinic. Located at the intersection of J Street and Front Street, the clinic is completely cut off from the rest of the city and the Parks Highway whenever a train passes through town.  The purpose of this current project is to complete a bypass route around the railroad track to provide an alternate route to the clinic on an improved road surface. 

Proposed Project Description

The proposed 9th Street Rehabilitation project includes raising the grade, widening the road to 24 feet, stabilizing the subgrade, applying a surface treatment, and installing culverts and signage as appropriate.  Under the proposed project, the intersection with the Parks Highway and 9th Street would also be improved as needed to meet DOT&PF standards; proper signage and widening of the apron is anticipated.

Improvements would require additional fill to widen the road and stabilize the embankment.  Cross-culverts will be installed, requiring minor ground disturbance.  The culvert installations provide drainage to mitigate potential flooding.  The improved road will remain within the existing road’s right-of-way.



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